Monday, April 27, 2009

Addyon's Get Away, Rice Cereal and More!

Well I was downloading some pictures and remember when I said the other week Addyson had rolled under our bed and I was shocked to see her gone, well here they are. Her little smile says it all. It was her way of saying "hey mom look at me, I'm OK!" I still chuckle when I look at these pictures. We also started Addyson on rice cereal and some veggies. Boy does she like those! She also enjoys Madi reading to her. It's great having a seven year old who enjoys sitting down and playing or reading to her little sissy. What fun it is to be there mommy, not the easiest always but truly is a blessing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Family Day

We woke up a couple of weeks ago and Ryan wanted to take us to breakfast and the Zoo. We enjoyed a nice breakfast at Rose's Deli on 23rd in Downtown. Turns out we didn't go to the zoo due to the weather. It's a good thing we didn't at one point we looked out and saw it hailing. So instead we went to the Children's Museum and had so much fun! Garrett got to be like "Bob the Builder" and Madi was in heaven playing and socializing with other kids. Gee I wonder who she gets that from? You can see she really enjoyed her face paint! It's so fun to watch your kids using there imagination. We enjoyed the day as a family. Ryan and I sometimes still look at each other and wonder how we got here. Wow time flies!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our sweet little Addyson

Addyson is growing so fast. I look at her and it seems like I just had her. Time is flying by so quickly. She is already five months old and seems to change daily. She is rolling over from front to back and back to front. The other day I layed her on her mat in our bedroom to play so I could switch the laundry over and when I came back there was no Addyson!! I freaked for just a moment thinking "OH MY GOODNESS GARRETT DID SOMETHING WITH HER! Then I heard a little cooing and as I got closer she had rolled herself under our bed! When she saw me she just gave me a big smile. She is such a happy baby all smiles whenever we walk in the room and is laughing and cooing when she is playing. One of her most favorite things to do is play in her jumper and take a bath. We can already tell she is very fond of her brother and sister. She is very aware when they are around and often giggles at her big brother as he plays with her. We took her for her four month check-up and she weighs 14 pounds and 25 1/2 inches long. The doctor said she is 50% for her weight and is 90% for her height! I think she has some Oster in her! Addyson is a wonderful additon to our family and we love her very much. God has truly blessed us!