Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Fall=Soccer! It was so fun watching Garrett play a second season of soccer. He is so good at it. He handled the ball so well and was awesome at making goals! Ryan and I are seeing a very competitive side to Garrett. He is very determined and is a great about encouraging his other teammates. I see so much of Ryan in him! Super competitive!! We find ourselves encouraging him to keep it on the field and to remember to encourage the other team, be a good sportsman. Since this year he wasn't tackeling anyone we thought we were doing good. He is such a sweet, cuddly little boy and I love that he wants to do well at what he is doing. He loves soccer and said he can't wait for soccer again! Good Season, way to go Puma's!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This summer and fall many hours have been spent at the Juniper Swim Center. Madi is planning on going out for swim team this summer and is brushing up on her technique. Garrett is moving up in his swimming and Addyson and I took a parent/tot class. Our family loves the water and have enjoyed swimming together and watching the kids improve on there skills. Madi enjoys doing laps and has a beautiful back stroke! We are enjoying attending sporting events and look forward to next summer watching them compete. I can't believe it but I don't have one photo of Addyson's lesson. Go figure with the third child!

Summer Nights

Wow! Where does time go? We have been non-stop busy since we moved to Bend. Between us having people in town visiting, traveling to Portland for Ryan's Reserve weekend, school starting, sports or being sick I haven't had time to update our blog. Well I finally have some extra time. Be prepared for some "overload" on the pictures and entry's. These are some fun pictures of our family enjoying some summer nights in our new home. Enjoy!