Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Soccer Pictures...

Soccer, Soccer and More Soccer!

Well it has offcially started we have two kids in sports!! Let me just say that comment that I have heard many mom's say "I live in my car going from one practice to another" is so true! Every day except friday I'm in my car going to drop someone off or pick someone up. Thank goodness I have a van with a DVD player to keep all my children and those I'm carpooling occupied while driving through town. I have mastered eating between games and practices while making sure all kids have appropriate gear with them and on them. Who new this could be such a chanllenge. Ryan coached Garrett's team and had alot of fun. He said to me he wasn't looking forward to the season ending. So this fall has been a busy one and from what I understand I'll be doing this for the next eighteen years. Wow! We have enjoyed watching the kids play this season. What a fun stage of life were entering!!