Tuesday, December 15, 2009

November Fun

November came and went so quickly this year. It was a busy time. I found myself waking up every morning going "wow time is going by quickly". Ryan and I found ourselves blown away at how fast our kids are growing and how I would like time to slow just a little. It is excited to see all the milestones that take place in our childrens lives and how much of a blessing it is that God has blessed us with so much love for our children. Recently I had come across a bible study I had done in the past and it talked about "children" I now know how just a glimpse of the love that God has for us and what an awesome thing to beable to experience this love for our children the way he shows and loves for us everyday!

Madi experienced her first Birthday Party Tea at her friend Tessa's house. It was so fun to see her pick out a dress and ask to have her hair curled and put lip gloss on. She loved every minute of that party having tea sancwiches and little cakes. I love having little girls!! Addyson is all over the place we find that she has so much curiosity climbing stairs, getting into everthing. As I cook dinner in the evening's I find that I have a little buddy that always sits herself in my warming drawer below the stove and jibbber jabbers at me. Garrett has found the love of Lego's and of course his daddy loves everything about that. They spend many evenings creating all sorts of things. So as we wrapped up this November we found ourselves thanking our heavenly father for all that he has blessed us with. My hope and prayer is that you too had a wonderful November and found many blessings that God has blessed you with.