Monday, March 8, 2010


I thought I would post some pictures of Addyson. She is growing so much and is very much a mommy's girl. She keeps up with her big sister and big brother very well. Out of all the kids she seems like she has grown up the fastest. She is anxious to do everything her siblings are doing, putting on her own clothes (trying atleast), climbing, riding a bikes, going down the slide all by herself you name it she want's to do it. Makes a little sad knowing she is the baby. She has a bit of a serious side to her but once she warms up to you is so cute, cuddly, funny and super sweet!!

Garrett's 5th Birthday Party "Army Style"

Well our little man turned "5" on February 26th. I really honestly can't believe it! I remember thinking to myself that he would take forever to grow up. Now he is getting ready for kindergarten. He is such a sweet, energetic and funny little boy. Life would not be the same without him. He is truly a little blessing and has his challenges ahead of him smashed between two sisters! Garrett wanted and Army Birthday this year. So we took about 30 people up to Ft. Vancouver and had a party "Army Style". It was easy since Ryan does his Reserve weekends up there and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! It was cool but sunny. He chose vanilla and choclate cupcakes with sub sandwiches, chips and root beer. I now think we own every Army toy ever made! He also got a wonderful gift that was made for him. My friend has a business making purses, bags and hats and she took some of Ryan's BDU's he wore in Iraq and made Garrett this really cool bag! She used all of his patches too! It was a great day and hopefully a birthday he won't forget.

Madi's 8th Birthday Pajama Party

Madi had her 8th birthday in January. I know this is a little late. I just finally getting around to it. We still can't believe she is "8"! Where does time go? We had a very simple party this year. She chose to have a pajama party. We did home made pizza's, cake and ice cream, girl movie and of course a girls favorite manicures! April Ryan's younger brother was awesome and helped paint nails. I don't know what I would have done without her! We had a house full of girls. I thought maybe there could be a little bit of drama, but they all got along and Ryan and I were amazed at how eight little girls were actually more quiet than Garrett all by himself. We had fun and most of all Madi had fun with all her friends.