Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bend or Bust!

Deschutes River not far from our house.
Broken Top Mountain one of five mountians.

Mt. Bachelor

Mountain range from afar at Sunset.

Our home.

I know it has been so long since I have posted any news or pictures. I do have an excuse though. We have moved! We are so excited to have moved to one of the most gorgeous places on the planet and a very special place Bend, Oregon. Ever since Ryan and I have been together (were going on 16 1/2 years) our desire was to raise a family in a place where people still new your names and wasn't over populated. Where football games on friday nights were still important and we were active outdoors. We love the sun and we love the snow! So what better place then Bend. We had spent many weekends visiting friends, family vacations and ski trips to know Bend was where our heart was. God did not see fit to put us in Bend right away. We have been waiting for a perfect job (if there is such a thing) and time for our family to move. God made that happen June 6, 2010 (my birthday) for Ryan to be offered a job as a City Engineer for the City of Bend! Woohoo!! Thank you Lord was how we responded. It was an awesome offer and we took it, knowing the path the last three years had been tough with Ryan's current job and how God made this very evident to us this was his timing. I'm still amazed as I look at this Journey he has taken our family on how in the end his timing is more than perfect. What a great blessing we have to know he has it all worked out and he knows the desires of our heart. Though Ryan and I both have had desires and prayer requests not turn out the way we wanted them, we still hold fast to his plan being perfect! Our house we are living in now is a rental and we will call home for the next year or two until we find the right lot, property or home for us. We are happy and feel very fortunate to live in such a great home and great neighborhood. We feel so fortunate to have friends already here so our transition has been very smooth for the kiddos. So to sum up we love, love, love Bend! We feel so grateful that we are here. Also, we love visitors. So if East Coasters ever want to experience the west in the mountains with some Cowboys this is your spot! For all you West Coasters who love Bend come stop by we would love to see you!