Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween was a bit of a downer this year at our house. Friday evening we had to take Madi into urgent care and turned out she was sick with the rest of West Portland and Beaverton with H1N1. I felt so bad for her. She spent the better half of the weekend on the couch watching movies. So this year Garrett and Addyson went trick or treating with Ryan through the neighborhood while I stayed home with our sick little girl. Madi was still happy that she had gotten candy from Ryan's work at the little Halloween party they have. Needless to say Garrett made out well with the candy this year having gone to Ryan's work and out through the neighborhood. Next year will be better and hopefully we won't have a sick kid. Here are some pictures of Garrett and Addyson.

Pumpkin Patch

Fall, I love it! We made our annual trip with the our good family friends The Kellar's and Putz families to Lakeview Farms in North Plains to the pumpkin patch after we enjoyed the rest of the day eating lunch and dessert together. Our kids all range in ages from 7 years-9 months and we had alot of fun. We started going as couple's when Margaret and I were pregnant with our older girls Madi and Zoe. Now there seven and growing like weeds. It is so fun to have these very special friends to share such fun traditions and outings with. We love them like family and are so blessed to have them in our lives. Thanks guys for being such great friends!! Here is a glimpse into our day together. Pictures still don't express the funny little things that eight kids can do. Enjoy and Happy Harvest.