Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Weekend with Friends

Wow I can't believe May came and went. We spent the weekend having fun in the sun hanging outside and going to a Birthday Party for our good friends girls Zoe and Eve. We enjoyed are time watching all our kids play. It is so fun to be back in Oregon with family and good friends. Summer is one of my favorite times because you get to just hang out and enjoy friends and family. Enjoy the photos!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Girls

Well I walked into Addyson's room to find that she was sleeping on her tummy! She has been rolling over for about 2 1/2 months now and we never found her in her crib except on her side or back. It feels like once they hit this stage they don't seem as little anymore. This makes me excited but also a bit sad knowing I will never experience another small baby rolling over in there crib! I do find myself snuggling a little bit longer just to soak it all in. Madi enjoys reading to Addyson (which is good practice for her) and Addyson enjoys listening. Madi is Addyson's second mommy always making sure she is tended too, talking to her, singing to her and caring her around! Only if she could change diaper's. I love my girls and look forward to one day sitting and talking with them as friends. I feel so blessed.

A Day at the Zoo

We spent the morning at the Zoo with our good friends The Putz Family. We enjoyed watching our kids run around looking at animals while visiting and laughing at the fact we now have six kids between us! We have known Jon and Jill since we have been newly married and were apart of a small group Bible Study together. In the photo below the Sea Lion took a real liking to Garrett. He kept swimming right by him and doing flips in the water! It was hilarious how he would get up close and kind of look at Garrett. I wonder if they can see through that glass? Garrett seemed to think he could and it made is day. Needless to say we enjoyed our time with our friends eating lunch and walking around. Here are a few pictures we snapped on our outing!